"Reformatting" the Website's write-up style

Hi! It has been already a very long time I am not writing in my website. After, I know that the visitors per day of this website are only around 21 visitors a day, I think I want to reorganize my website.

So far, the website consists of my writings, publication, biodata, and testimonial. The only problem in my blog is my writings. I found that my write-up is not a “populis” or “down to earth” writing. It is too heavy to understand. Therefore, I am thinking to change the style of the writings.

The home will consist three style write-up: academical write-up, my daily “diary”, and my report regarding popular issue. Indeed, I will keep posting my newspaper article here. The summation of journal that related to behavioural finance will be also posted in this website.

I apologize for my apathy for my write-up style. I do agree the write-up is too difficult to understand. Therefore, I will do the repositioning the blog to popular writing. So non-finance people still understand my writing. Again, please forgive my apathy about this concern.

Please keep visiting my website. I will provide more fresh news and issues. Thank you


Rayenda Khresna Brahmana

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