My first two weeks life in 2011

It was Saturday but I had to go to postgraduate room. These two weeks were my bad weeks. Many problems suddenly came. Interestingly, those problems actually were not my problems. I just tried my best to apply my faith where “A leader has to be a servant”. Usually, I do not complaint. This time is just like I cannot hold it any longer.

I learnt a lot from the problems. It was also made me to remember to the story of One Dollar Gift Story. It is about a man with one dollar gift. So, everyday there is a stranger that keeps giving one dollar to a man. First day, the man is very curious but keeping thankful. Second day, the man is still very happy and respect the stranger. After several weeks, the man started not to acknowledge the gift. He thinks the one dollar belongs to him. It is common thing. But somehow, the stranger has not given the one dollar anymore. The man start to worry and inquiry: Where is my One Dollar? It happens for one week. The man got angry and told to himself if he saw the stranger, he will kick him. Kick him for a dollar that actually is a gift. In the end of the week, the stranger came to his house. The man kicked him out, scolded him, and yelled on him. “Where is my one dollar?” he said. “Your one dollar?” the stranger asked. “Yes. You owed me 7 dollars now. You have to give it. NOW!”. The man replied the stranger harshly. “It is not your one dollar. It is a free gift. Why you got angry after these days I kindly gave you a free gift?” The stranger said. The man did not take the statement of the stranger. He sent the stranger out. Now, he does not receive a FREE one dollar anymore.

It also happens in our daily life. If someone lends you something, it does not mean the ownership is also transferred. You do not suppose to be angry, if the owner takes it back. It does not belong to you! This problem occurs recently in my two weeks life. Luckily, I got God who always blesses me every day with problems and its solution. Hopefully, I keep growing by facing and overcoming problems. I will go to postgraduate room now. Countenancing the problems that might be occurred, I take it as a blessed.

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Rayenda Brahmana

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One thought on “My first two weeks life in 2011”

  1. Interesting post Raye sharing a thoughtful true lesson/reality.
    I hope that the issue has been resolved and 2011 brings much success, blessing and joy to you.
    Good luck. =)

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