How The Moon Rules Your Life

Again! I found an interesting article about Moon Effect. Even though it is an old article (published in 2007), but I found it so interesting. Note that I am digging out the Moon Effect article because it is related to my Thesis. This article describes the how the moon can affect human behaviour. Happy Reading!

How the Moon rules your life

At last, scientists claim to have found a link between our satellite and human behaviour – like how it governs the size of your dinner By Roger Dobson

Sunday, 21 January 2007

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Kebebasan, Kesejahteraan, dan Indonesia/ Freedom, Welfare, and Indonesia

A week ago, I planned to submit my paper to Humanomic, an International journal that covering the rlationship between sociology and economics. I got an idea about the relationship between religion freedom and economics when I was preparing the tutorial of Macroeconomics. It is an interesting Idea. However, as I have many things to do such as: monitoring the exam, tutoring, papers, thesis, SLEEPING, BADMINTON-ing, FACEBOOK-ing etc, I told to myself how about I just write an opinion article and send it to a newspaper? Moreover, after I read my friend (Domingus Elcid Li) article in newspaper, it was just a “green light” for me to write the article.

Then, I wrote the article. The title is Freedom, Welfare, and Indonesia. In a brief, it discuss about the relationship between Press Freedom, Economic Freedom, and Religion Freedom and Welfare. Some more, I related it with Indonesia situation. It published in Analisa on 24 February 2011. Indeed, I am so glad with it.

I post the article here. But, So sorry, it was written in Indonesia Language. All the best!

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