Kebebasan, Kesejahteraan, dan Indonesia/ Freedom, Welfare, and Indonesia

A week ago, I planned to submit my paper to Humanomic, an International journal that covering the rlationship between sociology and economics. I got an idea about the relationship between religion freedom and economics when I was preparing the tutorial of Macroeconomics. It is an interesting Idea. However, as I have many things to do such as: monitoring the exam, tutoring, papers, thesis, SLEEPING, BADMINTON-ing, FACEBOOK-ing etc, I told to myself how about I just write an opinion article and send it to a newspaper? Moreover, after I read my friend (Domingus Elcid Li) article in newspaper, it was just a “green light” for me to write the article.

Then, I wrote the article. The title is Freedom, Welfare, and Indonesia. In a brief, it discuss about the relationship between Press Freedom, Economic Freedom, and Religion Freedom and Welfare. Some more, I related it with Indonesia situation. It published in Analisa on 24 February 2011. Indeed, I am so glad with it.

I post the article here. But, So sorry, it was written in Indonesia Language. All the best!

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