Experimental knocked the door: Part I

I proclaimed that I want to be a behavioural scholar in my second PhD-year. The passion to distinguish with my friends who pursued their PhD in UK (i.e Kamal and Frank) has brought to choose a way of life; a behavioural way. I started to read many behavioural economics papers (including finance and accounting), and drove myself to dig further about it. Luckily, I met Sari in my life.

Sari, who I coincidently met via Friendster, has brought me to a deeper view of behavioural science. She gave me idea to intersect my study with Psychology. Note that her final project of Bachelor degree took Theory Planned Behaviour which is applied in investigating diet person. It is a pinpoint for me to know broader about psychology.

Instead of going deeper on TPB, I learnt Jung Theory, Ellis’ Model, up to the psychometric test. There was a moment I was very happy knowing that we can measure of “mental health” using MMPI. Then I learnt further about how the psychologist conducted their research. Continue reading