List of Journals that cover behavioural

It was a frustating to find a good journal for behavioural paper. Based on my experience, behavioural science in economics has limited journals. If it is sent to journals in finance, it will be rejected as it is not that finance. If it is sent to business one, it will be rejected because it is too finance. Another issue is if the paper was a single country, it will be very hard to be accepted.

Indeed, there are several journals that still accepting behavioural finance paper. But it will be very hard as most of are tier 1 or 2 journals. I compiled the journal that accepting behavioural finance, if you have others, please share.


Experimental Economics

Journal of Economics Psychology

Journal of Behavioural Finance

Journal of Bioeconomics

International Journal of Behavioural Accounting and Finance

Economics of Human Biology

System Research and Behavioural Science

Journal of Applied Behavioural Science

Australian Journal of Business and Behavioral

Journal of Socio-Economics

International Journal of Social Economics

Journal of Behavioural Economics

Journal of Psychology Stock Markets

Review of Social Economics

Humanomics: an International Journal

There is another one called IUP Journal of Behavioural Finance from India. But I do not know how to submit it. Again. if you know other journals that put in behavioural finance on their journal scope, please share.

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