Superstitious Fund: Too mystic to fail

It is an interesting article in BBC about superstitious fund. So, the story is about an asset management company, pool the fund, and trade it under algorithm, but it based on numerology and astrology. The Shing Tat Chung, the “boss”, even stated that this fund is only operated based on human characteristic. The fund will not traded on 13th or during full moon. The full story can be seen at this link: Continue reading

Is it Behavioural Economics or Social Marketing?

Who does not know Philip Kotler? The Guru in marketing gave his point of view in behavioural economics and elaborated it with social marketing. In his point of view, behavioural economics is a bridge of economics and marketing. In his opinion, the policies such as reducing tobacco use, encouraging more physical activity, reducing tuberculosis, reducing obesity, reducing malaria, increasing contraceptive use, and reducing drink driving are the example how we can use behavioural economics in social marketing. This article, which was published in Sunday Time in May 22 2011, is an interesting one to read. I know it is a bit too late to post it here. But yet, it is very interesting opinion of Kotler. You can check the full article here: Continue reading

Financial Literacy and Decision Making

Prof Lusardi is well known for her works in financial literacy. She is the Denit Trust professor of economics and accountancy at the George Washington School of Business. She is the recipient of the Fidelity Pyramid Prize, awarded to authors of published applied research that best helps address the goal of improving lifelong financial well-being for Americans. She holds a Ph.D. degree in Economics from Princeton University. You can see her blog at Continue reading

Behavioural approach in Policy Making: Economic View of Thaler

It was a great article of Prof. Richard Thaler in New York Times. The article stated that gauging behavioural economics in policy making would result better. Don’t you think it is a new light of behavioural economics in the future? It is a very interesting article.

This opinion article was published on July 7, 2012 by New York Times. The title was “Watching the Behavior before Writing the Rules. The link is: Continue reading