Looking for PhD / Doctoral Scholarship? Here is the List per 3rd November 2016 (Beasiswa S3 Luar Negeri)

  1. DART – Doctoral Program in Accounting, Reporting, and Taxation (https://inomics.com/dart-%E2%80%93-doctoral-program-accounting-reporting-and-taxation-graz-1)
  2. PhD Scholarship in Finance and Banking Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (https://inomics.com/phd-scholarship-finance-and-banking)
  3. Oikos PhD Fellowship on “Finance and Sustainability” at the University of Zurich, Switzerland (https://inomics.com/oikos-phd-fellowship-%E2%80%9Cfinance-and-sustainability%E2%80%9D-university-zurich-switzerland)
  4. PhD Scholarships in Economics, Finance and Managment at Universiti Brunei Darussalam (UBD) (https://inomics.com/phd-scholarships-economics-finance-and-managment-universiti-brunei-darussalam-ubd)
  5. Fully funded Economics studentships available at the University of Edinburgh (https://inomics.com/fully-funded-economics-studentships-available-university-edinburgh-edinburgh)
  6. PhD in energy economics City University of Hong Kong (https://inomics.com/phd-energy-economics)
  7. PhD Scholarships in Finance Vienna Graduate School of Finance (https://inomics.com/phd-scholarships-finance)
  8. Scholarships for Postgraduate Studies in Economics University of Milan (https://inomics.com/scholarships-postgraduate-studies-economics)
  9. PhD scholarship: Behavioural Economics Queensland University of Technology (https://inomics.com/phd-scholarship-behavioural-economics)
  10. PhD position in Behavioural/Experimental Economics and Disasters University of Newcastle (UoN) in Australia (https://inomics.com/phd-position-behaviouralexperimental-economics-and-disasters)

Sources: inomics.com

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