Workshops within one year


This post is to acknowledge my gratitude to those universities which invited me to give talk/workshop/Audit within this one year (Yeah, I haven’t updated my website for one year, so I just simply compiled it).

Thank you for Universitas Tanjungpura, Universitas Hasanudin, Universitas Negeri Sebelas Maret, Curtin University Miri, Kolej Laila Taib Sibu, Jagoi Community (Koperasi)and Universitas Negeri Semarang. Hopefully, we can have further collaboration in future

Happy researching!


Moon effect Research: How to Do it? – Penelitian efek bulan: Bagaimana Cara Melakukannya?

Moon effect Research: How to Do it?


The moon effect research in economics and business field is interesting and intriguing. I met this topic by coincidence. That time I was solely on weather effect reading papers from Cunningham (1979) and Dowling and Lucey (2005). I remember that I prepared my manuscript for Journal of Bioeconomics, opened this journal to see its scope, but ended up with Herbst (2007) paper. It really attracted me.

When I read it, it was related to my PhD research (that time) and I wanted it to be part of my regressor. The issue is what theory to support it? How to measure it? How to rationale it? It was painstaking, but it has to be done. Continue reading

Catatan Untuk Penyelenggara Konferensi/Seminar Internasional

Catatan Untuk Penyelenggara Konferensi/Seminar Internasional

(A Note for Conference Organizing Committee)

-SPOILER ALERT: This note has around 1,059 WORDS –

Catatan ini saya mulai dengan 3 definisi. Pertama, konferensi di dalam tulisan ini adalah konferensi akademis, yang merupakan pertemuan para akademisi untuk memaparkan hasil temuan ilmiahnya. Kedua, penyelenggara adalah semua orang yang terlibat sebagai panitia. Terakhir, catatan ini merupakan feedback saya, murni opini pribadi, dan berdasarkan pengalaman dan pengamatan saya. Tidak ada tendensi bahwa semua konferensi itu baik, atau semua konferensi itu buruk. Hanya sebagai kritikan membangun dalam dunia akademis. Bisa juga dianggap semacam editorial note.

Okay, semua tahu kalau para dosen dan kewajiban mereka menulis artikel adalah love-hate relationship. Menulis artikel (terutama menulis untuk jurnal bereputasi) itu seperti tugas akhir mahasiswa. Bedanya, kalau tugas akhir hanya sekali sepanjang hidup mahasiswa, tapi kalau artikel, HARUS berulang kali. Konsekuensi logisnya jelas. Tidak ada publikasi? Tidak ada tunjangan, dan tentu saja tidak ada promosi.

Continue reading

Wednesday is my blogging day!

Hi All,

It has been a long time not writing anything for this blog. Sorry for that.

I have planned to blog every Wednesday, and occasionally on Saturday. Most likely, it will be about research and research.

I will try my best to post in Indonesia or perhaps both English and Indonesia.

So, please remember this:


Call for papers_special Issue

It has been a year since I posted call for paper for a special issue. Aiming special issue or special call for paper is a good strategy in publication game. Therefore, I compile Call-for-paper from major publishers. Please download the list here (the cfp is at the end of this page. Click the link to download it). Note that this list is only for social science, specifically, accounting, business, economics, finance, management, and other social science related.

Oh ya, don’t forget three special call for papers.

First, submit your research to our call for chapters in book.  It is forthcoming publication entitled “Handbook of Research on Corporate Leadership Influence on Organizational Culture and Performance”, to be published by IGI Global. Here is the link:

Second, the upcoming 8th International Borneo Business Conference in Kuching Malaysia 4-5th October 2018. I am the chair for this superb conference. Please support.  Check it here


Third, please submit your manuscript to International Journal of Vusiness and Society (scopus Q3). Find it here

support also other conferences such as i-COME 2018 ( I will be the keynote here) and MAGS Scholar (

Happy researching 🙂


The CFP? DOWNLOAD HERE–> cfp_april 2018