Per January 2018rayenda pictogram 1My name is Rayenda. Rayenda Khresna Mitra Riza Brahmana is my full name. Born around 30 something years ago. My father gave me this name with a great expectation. Rayenda Khresna Mitra Riza means “This is the Ray which wise, everyone’s partner, and the family guardian”.

Currently, I am a senior lecturer at Accounting and Finance Department, Universiti Malaysia Sarawak, and also Associate Managing Editor for International Journal of Business and Society. I am handling another international journals which is not yet indexed in Scopus.

My PhD is about mood and market anomalies. I graduated my PhD from USM. My Master degree (MSc in Investment) is from University of Birmingham, England.  My bachelor degree is from University of Padjadjaran Bandung, Majoring in Accounting. During my time in campus, I was active in several organizations. I was Forum Anggota Mahasiswa Akuntansi and established the first compendium of Accounting Student Union, executive board in AIESEC LC Unpad, head division in PPI UK. I was President of PhD Club in Universiti Sains Malaysia, and also the student ambassador.  I am the founding father of Financial Market Community Unpad.

I love to travel, play clarinet and saxophone, play computer game, and read books and comics. My life begins with a pray and ends with a pray. Tea, MP3s, and jogging are my close friends. Trying to finish two books is another goal for me. I am only a person who has many of dreams, prays for it, tries to catch it, and becomes crazy because of it. I am Rayenda….

you can contact me at raye_brahm@yahoo.com


3 thoughts on “Raye…

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