The stock market werewolves

Hurray! My write-up about the role of moon gravity on stock markets was published by Jakarta Post. I am very happy for it. This moon effect is one of the variables in my PhD thesis. Indeed, I have done extensive literature review to examine whether there is the effect or not.

My suggestion to understand the role of moon gravity on stock markets is: (1) Read the Prospect Theory, (2) Understand the Forgas’ Affect Infusion Model, (3) Read the pros-cons of the role of full moon in psychology literature (I mentioned it in my opinion in Jakarta Post).

Here is my write-up that published by jakarta post. Hopefully, you can enjoy it. You can see it directly from this link:

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Superstitious Fund: Too mystic to fail

It is an interesting article in BBC about superstitious fund. So, the story is about an asset management company, pool the fund, and trade it under algorithm, but it based on numerology and astrology. The Shing Tat Chung, the “boss”, even stated that this fund is only operated based on human characteristic. The fund will not traded on 13th or during full moon. The full story can be seen at this link: Continue reading

Is it Behavioural Economics or Social Marketing?

Who does not know Philip Kotler? The Guru in marketing gave his point of view in behavioural economics and elaborated it with social marketing. In his point of view, behavioural economics is a bridge of economics and marketing. In his opinion, the policies such as reducing tobacco use, encouraging more physical activity, reducing tuberculosis, reducing obesity, reducing malaria, increasing contraceptive use, and reducing drink driving are the example how we can use behavioural economics in social marketing. This article, which was published in Sunday Time in May 22 2011, is an interesting one to read. I know it is a bit too late to post it here. But yet, it is very interesting opinion of Kotler. You can check the full article here: Continue reading

Financial Literacy and Decision Making

Prof Lusardi is well known for her works in financial literacy. She is the Denit Trust professor of economics and accountancy at the George Washington School of Business. She is the recipient of the Fidelity Pyramid Prize, awarded to authors of published applied research that best helps address the goal of improving lifelong financial well-being for Americans. She holds a Ph.D. degree in Economics from Princeton University. You can see her blog at Continue reading

Behavioural approach in Policy Making: Economic View of Thaler

It was a great article of Prof. Richard Thaler in New York Times. The article stated that gauging behavioural economics in policy making would result better. Don’t you think it is a new light of behavioural economics in the future? It is a very interesting article.

This opinion article was published on July 7, 2012 by New York Times. The title was “Watching the Behavior before Writing the Rules. The link is: Continue reading

What you do not know about research publication: A note for education minister

Hi! I wrote this opinion after receiving shocking news from Indonesia, my homecountry. The minister of education made a regulation that all students, including undergraduate students, have to publish! It became a hot discussion among us in the room (because many of my friends are lecturers in Indonesia public University). It published in Jakarta Post.

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Market forecast: Buy cloudy, sell sunny

Hi all!

After so long not updating this website, Here I am, posting the new thing. I post my recent writing in Jakarta Post. The title is Market Forecast: Buy Cloudy, Sell Sunny. You can read it on This one out of 3 my series. My series? yes, I plan to write 3 popular writings from my thesis and publish it in newspaper. Therefore, my thesis not only produce academical paper but also popular writing. Please enjoy it.

Market forecast: Buy cloudy, sell sunny

Rayenda Brahmana, Jakarta | Mon, 08/08/2011 8:00 AM

The next time you are about to trade securities, you may first want to check if it’s sunny outside.

If you remember a fairytale about a lonely sad toad that asked the rain to accompany him, or a TV program for babies called Teletubbies who wait for sunny days, you, as an investor, may end up as a toad or a Teletubby. It’s true! Believe it or not, whether it’s stormy or sunny outside it will influence your stocks and profits.
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How The Moon Rules Your Life

Again! I found an interesting article about Moon Effect. Even though it is an old article (published in 2007), but I found it so interesting. Note that I am digging out the Moon Effect article because it is related to my Thesis. This article describes the how the moon can affect human behaviour. Happy Reading!

How the Moon rules your life

At last, scientists claim to have found a link between our satellite and human behaviour – like how it governs the size of your dinner By Roger Dobson

Sunday, 21 January 2007

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Kebebasan, Kesejahteraan, dan Indonesia/ Freedom, Welfare, and Indonesia

A week ago, I planned to submit my paper to Humanomic, an International journal that covering the rlationship between sociology and economics. I got an idea about the relationship between religion freedom and economics when I was preparing the tutorial of Macroeconomics. It is an interesting Idea. However, as I have many things to do such as: monitoring the exam, tutoring, papers, thesis, SLEEPING, BADMINTON-ing, FACEBOOK-ing etc, I told to myself how about I just write an opinion article and send it to a newspaper? Moreover, after I read my friend (Domingus Elcid Li) article in newspaper, it was just a “green light” for me to write the article.

Then, I wrote the article. The title is Freedom, Welfare, and Indonesia. In a brief, it discuss about the relationship between Press Freedom, Economic Freedom, and Religion Freedom and Welfare. Some more, I related it with Indonesia situation. It published in Analisa on 24 February 2011. Indeed, I am so glad with it.

I post the article here. But, So sorry, it was written in Indonesia Language. All the best!

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Business School Research: Practically Irrelevant?

For many days, I have thought that Is my research important for the world? I mean at least contributes something to the practitioners? Even I have planned to do a kind of internship in a company. just to apply my research. My best friend, Kamal Adamu (PhD in Essex University), went to a bank for internship to apply his PhD thesis. I really want to do the same thing. I want to spread out the Pyschological stock. Is there any asset management company want to hire me as internship? Haha

My hope is in line with the latest article from the economist actually. The article asked how the research in university can solve problems in industry. Interesting huh? Enjoy reading…

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