How to transpose your rich data into panel (Data Stacking / Transpose)

If you are in finance research area, and you are using panel data, the most annoying part is stacking/transpose your time series into panel data. Hereby, I give you the macros in excel (even though I know many software such Tableau can do it faster) to do in a click.

Yet, when you want to run it, adjust it with the number of your column. Mine is 6, and the data that has to be stacked/transposed is from column 2. Therefore, the i = 2 to 6.

Happy trying

Copy paste this to your macros (open your excel –> view –> macros –>view macros –> create –> copy paste –> run)

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Corporate Political Investment 101

This upcoming Indonesia presidential election presents the issues of corporate political investment. For instance, many Islamic-based media and blogs accuse that one of the candidates, Joko Widodo, is prepared by catholic-Chinese group to be the next president for the sake of business interest. Similar condition is also faced by another candidate: Prabowo Subianto, where there are anonymous bloggers argued that gigantic corporation and corruption case-linked corporation are supporting him for the sake of penalty-free or legal suit-free. In short, whether it is right or gossip, there is an accusation of corporate involvement in the presidential election, which is well-known as corporate political investment.

What is corporate political investment? Does it true exist? How will it affect the election? What are the benefits of political investment for firms? This writing is corporate political investment 101 (for beginner) which introduces the corporate political investment by exploring its definition, its effects on politics and presidential campaign, and its cost-benefit for corporation. Continue reading

Why You should attend Statistical / Econometrics Class before Mastering a Software

I just read comments from 2 reviewers of a journal. First reviewer gives a minor correction because of English editing, copy editing, and elaboration in the discussion section. The first reviewer gives good comment too, for instance we have to have another robustness test, which is a very good idea to make our paper better. Second reviewer gives a rejection because two issues. First, he/she suspect we just wrote down the R-Square (R2) before running the factor analysis. I just stunned, and read it again and again. R2 from factor analysis? Second issue is about the data collection. He/she addresses our manuscript is too weak as it does not mention the philosophical data collection. I was confused that time thinking what the reviewer means by philosophical data collection. After reading it again, reviewer mentions that I have to write down, not only whether we adopt or adapt the items of questionnaire, but also the grounded theory of the data collection and the phenomenological of items construction. I was very surprised because actually grounded theory data collection and phenomenological are qualitative approach which is totally different view from our approach which is quantitative method. I just smile facing this type of reviewing process. But it makes me think what the root of this “evil” is. Why nowadays people are good in click-click the software interface but fail in understanding comprehensively the statistic. Continue reading

If Eve is wrong, then You are wrong too!

Hi! Indeed, I am too lazy to do my job recently. Article Papers lah, Global Finance grant lah, PhD Club lah, Tutorial lah, My website maintainance lah (thanks to refi to help me on this freaking problem) Badminton lah, and my sleeping competition with pak Ajo and Simon… 😛 But somehow, I am… still lazy… what a troublesome. Anyway, I just started my what-so-called as “holy life”; and I found something interesting. It is about Eve.

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How The Moon Rules Your Life

Again! I found an interesting article about Moon Effect. Even though it is an old article (published in 2007), but I found it so interesting. Note that I am digging out the Moon Effect article because it is related to my Thesis. This article describes the how the moon can affect human behaviour. Happy Reading!

How the Moon rules your life

At last, scientists claim to have found a link between our satellite and human behaviour – like how it governs the size of your dinner By Roger Dobson

Sunday, 21 January 2007

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The emerging emerging markets:Businesses will learn to look beyond the BRICs

It is a big debate in Indonesia when the legislative member stated that Indonesia economy is artificial. Some of the legislative member argued that Indonesia economy goes nowhere. The poverty and unemployment are still there. Indeed, none of them from economics background. What they did just to show how bad the current government is.

I am not a person who fully support the economics numbers. But at least, the GDP and Gini Rate show and measure something. Indonesia is growing. Interestingly, even though the Indonesians are pessimistic with the economics (because they just hate the government; and media has the responsibility on it!), not with the foreigner. The economist puts Indonesia in the radar! It shows how they are more optimistic with Indonesia economy.

This is the full article from the economist. You can also open to dig more.

The emerging emerging markets:Businesses will learn to look beyond the BRICs

During the run-up to the Iraq war Donald Rumsfeld, then America’s defence secretary, famously distinguished between “old” Europe and “new” Europe. In 2011 a growing number of businesspeople will distinguish between the “old” emerging markets and “new” emerging markets.

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Choosing a Journal

There are many sceptical journals nowadays. So, be carefull when you want to submit your works to a journal. Else, you will regret it. There are many ways to detect the quality of the journal. To me, I use scopus, repec, and elsevier as the benchmark of the quality. If the journal is not listed in one of these three, I will not send it.

Another trick of me is by sending email. I send email to the editor and ask their opinion regarding my paper. Is it suitable topic for their journal or not? I can judge the quality of the editor by how the reply it. For example, I sent email to Cimate Research. The editor reply me vigourly. It indicates the quality of the journal is very good (even though my paper is not suitable for their journal).

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