Call for papers_special Issue

It has been a year since I posted call for paper for a special issue. Aiming special issue or special call for paper is a good strategy in publication game. Therefore, I compile Call-for-paper from major publishers. Please download the list here (the cfp is at the end of this page. Click the link to download it). Note that this list is only for social science, specifically, accounting, business, economics, finance, management, and other social science related.

Oh ya, don’t forget three special call for papers.

First, submit your research to our call for chapters in book.  It is forthcoming publication entitled “Handbook of Research on Corporate Leadership Influence on Organizational Culture and Performance”, to be published by IGI Global. Here is the link:

Second, the upcoming 8th International Borneo Business Conference in Kuching Malaysia 4-5th October 2018. I am the chair for this superb conference. Please support.  Check it here


Third, please submit your manuscript to International Journal of Vusiness and Society (scopus Q3). Find it here

support also other conferences such as i-COME 2018 ( I will be the keynote here) and MAGS Scholar (

Happy researching 🙂


The CFP? DOWNLOAD HERE–> cfp_april 2018

How to choose an academic conference?

If you are a new postgraduate student, “how to choose a conference” could be probably a tough question. The issue is that you only have limited time, limited money, and limited number of research paper, yet, you want to have feedback for your thesis and experience the academia world.

However, even though we already looked for a great conference, where we can receive good feedback or great networking, you were still trapped in a “lodging” conference where nobody gave you feedback, or even attended your session. You only could see people during lunch or dinner. The worst is you paid so expensive for that “lodging” conference.

I have experienced both “great” conference and also a “lodging” conference. I share it to you so you can make a good decision in choosing a conference. But again, this is my personal view and personal opinion. Continue reading