Upcoming Conference

Indeed, for Lecturer and Research Based student, Conference is an important thing. Usually, before submitting our research proposal to a proposal defense or proposal seminar, Research-Based Students (PhD, MSc, or MPhil) send their research to a conference. The purpose is to get feedback. Sometimes, the students send it two or three times before defending their research proposal formally. After, they feel their research topic is good enough to be a “PhD Material”, they conduct the research, and before VIVA, they send it again to one or two conferences. This process is very important. Why? Let say, you do not want to make a short paper of your research. You just continue researching and make your first draft of research proposal.  Then after defending your proposal, the examiner tells you your research it’s not a PhD Material and you have to redo it again. How much time have you wasted?

I compile several conference that attract my interest

  • To be updated…….

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