Market forecast: Buy cloudy, sell sunny

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After so long not updating this website, Here I am, posting the new thing. I post my recent writing in Jakarta Post. The title is Market Forecast: Buy Cloudy, Sell Sunny. You can read it on This one out of 3 my series. My series? yes, I plan to write 3 popular writings from my thesis and publish it in newspaper. Therefore, my thesis not only produce academical paper but also popular writing. Please enjoy it.

Market forecast: Buy cloudy, sell sunny

Rayenda Brahmana, Jakarta | Mon, 08/08/2011 8:00 AM

The next time you are about to trade securities, you may first want to check if it’s sunny outside.

If you remember a fairytale about a lonely sad toad that asked the rain to accompany him, or a TV program for babies called Teletubbies who wait for sunny days, you, as an investor, may end up as a toad or a Teletubby. It’s true! Believe it or not, whether it’s stormy or sunny outside it will influence your stocks and profits.
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