Selected 10 Publications

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  2. Brahmana, R. K., You, H. W., & Lau, E. (2020). Does reputation matter for firm risk in developing country?. International Journal of Finance & Economics.
  3. Brahmana, R. K., & You, H. W. (2021). Do Muslim CEOs and Muslim stakeholders prefer Islamic debt financing?. Global Finance Journal, 100625.
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  6. Brahmana, R. K., You, H. W., & Kontesa, M. (2020). Does CEO power matter for the performance of retrenchment strategy?. Journal of Strategy and Management14(1), 1-18.
  7. Brahmana, R. K., You, H. W., & Yong, X. R. (2020). Divestiture strategy, CEO power and firm performance. Management Research Review.
  8. Ung, L. J., Brahmana, R. K., & Puah, C. H. (2018). Brokerage fee, ownership expropriation and earnings management of Malaysian property companies. Property Management36(4), 461-482.
  9. Hashmi, M. A., Brahmana, R. K., & Lau, E. (2018). Political connections, family firms and earnings quality. Management Research Review.
  10. Brahmana, R., Kontesa, M., & Gilbert, R. E. (2018). Income diversification and bank performance: evidence from Malaysian banks. Economics Bulletin38(2), 799-809.

Articles in mass media and newspaper