Meet Rayenda

I am Rayenda Khresna Brahmana, a senior lecturer at Universiti Malaysia Sarawak, a husband, and a father

Rayenda Khresna Brahmana, Ph.D., is a senior lecturer in the Faculty of Economics and Business Universiti Malaysia Sarawak. He serves the International Journal of Business and Society as Managing Editor and still active as editorial boards and reviewer boards for several reputable international journals. He was the UNIMAS Centre of Business, Economics, and Finance Forecasting director and currently a research fellow for UNIMAS Financial Technology and Innovation Centre. His research interests are Behavioural Corporate Finance, Applied Corporate Finance, Corporate Governance, Corporate Strategy, and Economics Psychology.


Ph.D – Behavioral Finance – Universiti Sains Malaysia, Malaysia – 2013

M.Sc – Investment – University of Birmingham, UK – 2007

S.E (B.Ec / BA) – Accounting – Universitas Padjadjaran, Indonesia – 2005

Senior High School – SMA Kolese De Britto, Yogyakarta, Indonesia – 2001

Teaching Portfolio:

Statistics, Econometrics, Research Methodology, Basic Finance, Bank Management, “Money, Banking, & Capital Market”, Corporate Finance, International Finace, Investments, Fixed Income Securities, Merger & Acquisitions

I deliver talks and workshops about Research Methodology and Publication in several universities, especially in Indonesia, such as Universitas Tanjungpura, Universitas Negeri Semarang, Universitas Mercu Buana, Universitas Airlangga, Universitas Panca Budi, Universitas Panca Bhakti, Universitas Malukussaleh Universitas Sebelas Maret, Universitas Kristen Petra Surabaya, Universitas Simalungun, and other universities. I gave several keynote speeches in Malaysia, Pakistan, Thailand, and Indonesia.

At first, this website is my personal blog during my PhD process. But I will modify the content per 2021 to be more finance related site, especially, those research works related to my research area. I hope you can enjoy my blog.

Best Regards,

Rayenda Khresna Brahmana


Scopus: Scopus Rayenda Brahmana

Google Scholar: Google Scholar Rayenda Brahmana

Publons: Publons Rayenda Brahmana

Instagram: IG @kolom.riset

twitter: Twitter @raye_brahm

you can reach me at raye_brahm(at)

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